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segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014


There are numerous huts situated along the banks of rivers and valleys, as an eloquent testimony to the passion for this discipline, which has been handed down over time. The small boats moored along the canals and rivers and the large number of fishermen lined up along the piers show that there is still a fervent passion for fishing, which is practised all year round.

One of the most relevant sites worth mentioning is the breakwater north of Porto Corsini, which extends 2.7 km out to sea, providing a space for everyone and all kinds of fishing techniques.
The stretch of beach between Foce Lamone and Casal Borsetti is characterized by small artificial reefs and breakwaters, and is a good, uncrowded place to fish for types of fish such as umbrine, bream, eels and weaver.
For those who enjoy pelamyd, mackerel or bogue offshore fishing, the ship Gladiator organizes trips 12 miles off the coast every day from spring to autumn.
In the Lidi Nord area, the man in the know when it comes to this sport is Marco Montanari at the Marlin Blu shop in Porto Corsini, who is passionate about fishing and will recommend the right equipment and bait for everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals.
Sport fishing is permitted with the following equipment:
- landing nets, drop nets (with each side not exceeding 6m);
- casting nets with a perimeter not exceeding 16m;
- fixed lines such as fishing rods (max 5 per fisherman) with no more than 3 hooks each, slack lines, trolling rods, stringers with not more than six hooks, lines for cephalopods;
- surface and depth lines, filaccioni ;
- nattelli for surface fishing, spear guns, hand harpoons, cephalopod rods;
- fixed or drifting parancali (coffe) with a maximum of 200 hooks for each boat.
- eel-baskets, with a maximum of two for each boat.
- foot rakes;
Anglers are allowed to catch a maximum of 5kg of fish and shellfish per day, except for individual fish weighing more than 5kg.
Catch more than one grouper (sea bass) per day is not permitted.
Fishing with lights is forbidden.


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