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sábado, 28 de maio de 2016

Best Oval chainrings of all time.

Our Premium OVAL chainrings are finally READY to order! Don't wait and place backorder Now.
Absoluteblack is committed to ensure every rider can benefit from the many ride improving attributes of oval chainrings. Many road riders have a tendency to ‘mash’ their pedals and need help to perfect their spin and smooth out power delivery. Oval rings help achieve this goal. Absoluteblack’s Oval Road chainrings incorporate the optimum ovality, to work with human physiology, delivering a spin sensation that feels ‘rounder than round’. Climbing takes less effort and knee strain is reduced. Absoluteblack believe switching to oval chainrings is of maximum benefit to time-pressed amateur and sportive road riders.

Best Oval chainrings of all time.
Mais em: http://absoluteblack.cc/oval-road-110-4-bcd-shimano-11s-chainring/

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