It can be said that we Texans definitely like to find creative new uses for old bikes.
So far, I’ve come across four fences — that’s four in the state of Texas alone — made from bicycles.
1. A bicycle-embellished fence in the town of Salado, located between Austin and Waco, is a destination for visitors. Of course, there are other things to see in Salado, such as this old garage, but we’ll save that for another day.
Here’s another shot of the Salado fence, taken by Cara of the SchmittHouse blog: 

2. In Dallas, there’s this fence made from repurposed frames:

3. In Golden:

4. In Rockport:

(Photo credits: 1. Salado: top, bummrr01 on Flickr; bottom, SchmittHouse blog. 2. Dallas: Pedallas. 3. Golden: The Painted House blog. 4. Rockport: JayPhagan on Flickr.)
Are there others? If so, let us know!
Pode-se dizer que os Texanos definitivamente procuram e são creativos no novo uso de velhas bikes. 
2. Em Dallas, há uma vedação que é feita de quadros:
3. Em Golden:
4. Em Rockport: