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quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

The Lampshade For Your Bicycle Tail-light.


Technical Information:
Please note, Sombra is a tail-light diffuser and requires an existing 
tail-light (not included). Please read below to make sure 
Sombra fits your bicycle and tail-light.
  • Sombra fits most bicycle seat-post clamps provided by 
  • top brands like Specialized, Trek, Giant, Raleigh, 
  • Cannondale and others. 
  • Sombra cannot be fitted on front bolt or diagonally cut clamps.
  • Sombra fits popular seat-post mounted tail lights 
  • including Mars 4.0, Planet Bike Superflash Turbo, 
  • PB Blinky 7, PB Blinky Super Flash, Portland 
  • Design Works Red Planet, PB Blinky 5, 
  • Cateye Reflex, NiteRider Cherry Bomb, 
  • PDW Danger Zone, Cateye Rapid 3,
  •  Knog Frog Strobe and Cateye Rapid 5. 
  • Sombra does not fit rack, helmet, 
  • handlebar or bag mounted lights, or lights that protrude 
  • more than 5.5 cm (2 inches) from the seat-post.

The Sombra Design Proccess:

The first ever Sombra design made of paper and aluminium: 
The next few models were experiments with Polypropylene:
The first design with a seat-post clamp connection instead of a bracket:

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