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sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Cubos BLACK DIAMOND vão ser lançados na Eurobike este ano.

BLACK DIAMOND HUBS vão ser lançados na Eurobike este ano 2 280x157 Cubos BLACK DIAMOND vão ser lançados na Eurobike este ano
Talvez sejam os melhores cubos para Enduro/All Mountain e certamente irão ser cobiçados por muitos.
As especificações dos Cubos BLACK DIAMOND:
- Diamond shape body for increased stiffness
- Huge 17x30x7mm ABEC 5, Enduro® low friction bearings with graphite retainer cages for durability. 4 of them in the rear and 2 up front.
- Hardened, Stainless Steel freehub for extreme longevity and cassette „dig in” prevention
- Patented Magnetic ratchet system. One of its kind magnetic system which can withstand any given conditions with unchanged performance.
- Only one moving part in ratchet engaging system.
- External bearing preload nut in both hubs to keep bearings in optimal condition
- Can be disassembled and cleaned by hand.
- Low friction labyrinth seals in both hubs.

Front: 15mm (138g)
Rear: 142 x 12 11spd (268g) (XD version as well)
As pré-encomendas vão estar disponíveis segundo a empresa absoluteBLACK dentro de duas semanas.

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